Hi there my name is john armstrong and i am the creator of octane and in this video i want to give you a run-through and a demo of exactly what octane does now this is my own product that i made with the intention of helping as many people as i could to take advantage of video marketing without having to put their face on camera because i know how embarrassing that can be sometimes and i was exactly the same when i first started out now i also understand how to rank videos on youtube how to get my videos to the top of youtube so i wanted to include this function into octane as well so that everybody can benefit from this especially people who have just getting started and want a really quick way to make some money online so this is the training area right here and this is what you’ll see when you first get into octane ok so i have the overview video i show you how to use the software and you can access the software through these buttons here and then i have these three profit strategies here now the each one of these videos is around 15 to 20 minutes long so I have three profit strategies that easy method the medium method and the advanced method the easy method is going to show you how you can use octane to make money from Clickbank now this is easy because unlike JV zoom warrior plus and other offers Clickbank you don’t need to apply for your affiliate link okay you just have your affiliate link there straight away so you can start making money you don’t need to be approved so this is the easy method I walk you through step by step in these in this video how to use this with Clickbank in this second video here I show you how to make some easy money from Amazon affiliates again you don’t need any kind of approval process which makes these methods very very easy now the I made a case study showing some results that I got from my Clickbank account using this first easy method and I’m gonna link those two case studies in the description of this video so you can go and check those out okay I actually made 200 dollars within 24 hours using this the method so it’s pretty pretty cool method number two I’m going to show you how you can use octane to make some money from jvzoo and Moorea plus launches using launch jacking and method number three I’m going to show you how you can make money building up an email list which is what I primarily like to do and this is a bit more advanced now octane works okay you’ll be able to access the software here and you’ll be able to log in octane works by taking a video from any platform doesn’t have to be YouTube but as long as you have permission to use that video then you can use this with octane okay it works by taking that video alright adding a couple of seconds to it via an outro okay so I can show you here so first of all you choose a video either from YouTube or from our library of pre-made videos or a video which is from your desktop I’m just going to go a YouTube you can enter in a URL now make sure that you have permission to use the video that you’re going to be entering as a URL otherwise you can search via keywords so when you search by a keyword this is going to all of the results that it brings up in this in these in this results panel here these are all videos that are using Creative Commons inside of YouTube so it filters through all these results and it uses only Creative Commons videos why because everybody who’s uploaded these videos under the Creative Commons category is giving you permission to do whatever you want with their videos so you can edit these videos you can cut them up you can do whatever you like with these videos you can’t do this with regular YouTube videos okay because you don’t have the permission to do that these guys are giving you permission to edit their videos and use their videos however you like so it searches using creating Commons once you’ve found a video that you want to use you just click on choose okay and then you can go on to edit the video using the video editor here okay so once it’s loaded guys in it you simply you can go and choose a section of this video that you want to use because a lot of these YouTube videos the original creator will add their introduction onto the beginning okay so you might want to select after the introduction so here at 18 seconds and then again at the end they usually add their own calls to actions at the ends of their videos so you can you can choose just before the call to action happens you can select that time there and then you can choose to trim the video now this is going to trim the video down to that section that you want okay and once the video is finished trimming you’ll then be able to edit the outro so you’ll be able to add a couple of seconds to the end of this video to make it completely unique to make it completely unique you can choose the amount of seconds that you want to add to the end here you can choose a call to action layover for that outro section so click the link in the description or you can add your own images if you want you can choose background music that you want to put in here as well and then you just click on next and it will go and it will merge this outro section into your video now here’s where the interesting part happens once your video is ready and it’s exported and it’s rendered you can go and share this video so you click on the share button here and would be you click on the share button here and you’ll be able to share it on either YouTube Facebook Twitter or Pinterest so these are kind of an additional bonus to be able to share these to your social sites but what we’re interested in here is YouTube and specifically being able to upload this live to YouTube because I find and all of my YouTube buddies finder if you livestream something to YouTube your rankings are given all of this octane all of this juice and it sends it right to the top of YouTube and this is the most powerful feature that we have inside of octane so you livestream it you’re going to choose the title for your video you choose the description for your video and remember to add your affiliate links into the description or however you are wanting to monetize these and then you can go and add your tags or your keywords you can go and choose your thumbnail you click on livestream and boom this will livestream this video to the top of YouTube now again check out my case study which is down below in the description of this video because it’s going to show you how I did this live okay Anna and I made a video and I ranked it on YouTube and then this morning I actually made 200 dollars from that video and you can go there and do exactly the same thing now you’ve seen how easy this is I didn’t have to put my face on video I used somebody else’s video I made it unique by adding that outer on the end using octane and I live-streamed it back up to youtube to get those amazing ranking results now I’m not actually adding any bonuses of my own for this particular review video because this is my own product so I don’t want you to buy this via my link in fact there’s no affiliate link there’s no link at all underneath in the description of this video I want you to go and search and see some of my friends videos who also going to be reviewing octane and go and buy it from one of their links ok so I know you’re gonna love this software it’s really gonna help you out especially if you’re a newbie and you’re gonna love this profit train that I’ve made for you showing three different ways that you can make money from octane within the next few hours so I look forward to speaking to you on the inside that’s it for me take care bye you


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