NewsProfixPro Review & Bonus Offer – Watch NewsProfixPro Review & Get 100+ HQ Bonuses


Hey, Sam here. Lets talk about NewsProfixPro. Just a few seconds to check my huge list of high quality bonuses included in this offer. Let me ask you a question: Do you know one of the easiest way to make passive income? News Sites. NewsProfix Pro is a cloud based app, that builds viral news sites, at the click of a button. The software finds fresh viral articles, from the top news sites, and you can monetize your site in different ways.



You can post to all the social media sites for free traffic, you get SEO optimization, and you can use a custom domain. It works in 3 simple steps. Step1: Create Your site. Log into the cloud based dashboard, enter your site name, and site title. Under settings enter your News API key, Amazon, Ebay and Walmart API key for monetization. Step2: Monetize Your site. Enter a keyword under Amazon, Ebay or Walmart profit generator. Select a news source, and create any number of news posts. Step3: Profit. In one click your news site is ready, and when you go to news posts, you see the products advertisements, with your affiliate credentials. .

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