How I Made $32 Mining Bitcoin With My Laptop – CryptoTab Browser Extension Review

What’s going on everybody my name is Jamar Jones and on my channel I talk about different ways on how to make money online Usually with affiliate marketing and with a little bit of a crypto on the side, but today’s video I’m going to be talking about crypto tab. If you haven’t heard of crypto tab crypto tab is a browser that you can install on your computer that Attaches a mining algorithm which helps you mine for Bitcoin So as you can see, I am currently mining at about 88 Hash per second To about a hundred hash per second. So What it does is once you install crypto tab on your computer, you can start using your browser with an algorithm that uses your processor that you can mine for Bitcoin and as you can see here, I’m currently holding on to 32 dollars and 26 cents and during this video you’ll see it fluctuate up and down with the current price of Bitcoin So you may be saying is It a scam this can’t be real.

Well, actually it is real and Lots of people are using it and I’ve been using it for months to earn a little bit of side income It’s paid out in BTC and you can send it to your desktop wallet or a hard Thumbdrive wallet or you can send it to an exchange you can sell it and you can send it right to your bank account So I’m gonna get right into why I like crypto tab and How easy it is to use and the strategies that I’m using to build up my referral count and to earn more with crypto tab using paid and Free traffic so let’s get right into this. This is your desktop right here and as you can see It’s mining about 50 to 100 hash per second Because it’s enabled its lower as I’m recording right now I’m actually using some more of my processor speed but when I’m not recording I am actually mining at about three to four hundred hash per second and Currently I for the most part. I usually have it maxed out and My computer’s fairly new and it’s pretty quick um I’ve got about a 16 gigabyte solid state hard drive on this laptop.

So depending on your processor speed will be how Quickly or how much hash you can mine for Bitcoin the way it works is all you have to do is you have to have the browser window open or you have to be doing like you’re normally doing and that’s just surfing the net watching videos you know all that good stuff and You’ll be earning Bitcoin. So what I want to show you here is Currently I’m sitting on about two hundred and fifty eight thousand Satoshi, which is about thirty two dollars and 26 cents is it gonna make you rich No however, if you implement some strategies and you build up your referral count you can actually make a decent amount of money per month using this so Down here, I’ll show you So here The biggest way to earn is not to just use it and mine with your laptop.

The biggest way to earn is to invite friends family and Advertise on free say YouTube into Instagram Pinterest Twitter Get your ID out there and get people to sign up underneath you. It doesn’t cost them anything all they have to do is install the browser and Leave it open and use it while they’re surfing and they will earn Bitcoin So as you can see here Developing your mining Network is the best way to earn more with crypto tab On your level 1 they’re gonna pay you about 15% of what the people that you refer and then on the next level those People if they bring anybody and you earn 15% of what they mined and so on and so forth all the way down 10 levels Now 10 levels. It’s It’s it’s not tough to get down to 10 levels Once you build up your referral base, but it’s gonna take some time when they pay us a percentage of all of their mining so all of your referrals a percentage of it goes into your pocket So they have a really cool calculator here and You can see so if you have five people you are for a five of your friend you say hey I got this cool browser.

You set it up it’s it’s just like Google only they use Bing and I’ll show you that in a second and It’s just like any browser. And as long as you keep your window open, you’ll make some Bitcoin. You’ll make some money and Those five friends they’ll net you if they’re using it on a normal basis They’re saying it’ll net you three dollars. It’s three dollars gonna Rock your world No three dollars isn’t going to rock your world And si. If those five friends they each get their five of their friends to sign up You’ll get 10% on your second level and you’ll earn $10 a month.

Is it gonna make you rich? No It’s not gonna make you rich but where this gets interesting is When you could really start bringing in a lot of referrals using paid and free advertising and you can build up Down to a hundred thousand or three hundred ninety thousand and you may say to yourself. How would I ever Get that many people. You don’t have to get that many people. So say you got Seven people and they each got three people all the way down ten levels You could earn roughly about three hundred and forty four dollars a month It’s enough pretty much for our car payment where all you had to do is get the ball rolling.

So How do you get the ball rolling and that’s through advertising and What I’m going to show you here is what I currently have is a hundred and eleven Referrals so you’re probably saying how did you get a hundred eleven referrals? I’m gonna get into that in one second. So Active miners it’s showing zero Because the referrals that I got are probably from around the world not just in the United States where I am right now Currently I got zero but later on in the night or sometimes really really early in the morning this numbers anywhere between ten twenty thirty and they’re all people with varying computer speeds all mining as my referrals and you can see Through some advertising.

I got twenty eight to directly sign up using my referral link and out of those twenty eight they got Seventy nine but because these are my direct level one referrals These guys fall into my total. So these guys were fifty percent 10% 5% so on and so forth. I didn’t get any of these two down here, but I got these first level referrals so There’s a couple ways that you can go about getting referrals I’ll also get into how do I pay for advertising? I don’t have any money or I don’t want to pay out of pocket for advertising. Well, I got you So just stay tuned for a second So there are a number of sites that I use that Let me get rid of this There’s a number of sites that I use for advertising, but there’s one in particular that’s worked the best for me You can use a site called pop ads Pop ads they are very there’s a number of advertising sites that you can use but these advertising sites aren’t all created equal so you’re gonna have to try one or the other or get used to one and Try and figure out which one’s gonna give you the best bang for your buck because they’re not all the same So pop ads is one that I’ve used in the past that I’ve had decent luck with and these sites Don’t strike against you for using for advertising crypto.

There are a lot of advertising sites sites out there They won’t let you advertise crypto, but these particular sites you can Pop ads is one. Melot ads is another a Ads is The third one that I use and it’s the one that I’ve used the most That’s the one I’ve had the most luck with I think I paid five or ten bucks and I got 28 referrals which then turned into a hundred and eleven referrals in the last month or two, I didn’t do all I did was get my initial referrals and then over time as I logged into my computer or I opened my computer I would have a few more referrals and they continually build all the time because people are telling their friends about it, and they Tell their friends about it and they tell their friends about it and people sign up and they download the browser So here you can see I set up a campaign.

It’s really really easy. There’s a lot of instructional videos. There’s videos on YouTube I can make a video showing how I set up my campaign But you deposit a little bit of Bitcoin into your Balance and then you can set your daily budget on how much Bitcoin you want it to spend and advertise and it drops these banners and these banners this one I have is like a gift they take these banners and they place them on various websites all around the internet and they’ll get impressions and you can see Down here, it shows your total number of impressions. If I was running a campaign right now, it would show me exactly How many impressions and how many clicks I’m getting and then from your impressions and clicks you can kind of determine the ratio on How well the Attis the campaign is running? So crypto tab does a really good job of giving you a lot of promotional information promotional material that you can use to advertise When you scroll to the bottom here, it says view promo materials.

My computer’s running a little bit slow because I’m running I’m running crypto tap and I’m shooting this video at the same time But they give you all of the ready-made promo materials For free because they want you to get other people to use their browser so here you got banner ads landing pages and social So if you go to the bottom here you can get product icons logos and new UI screens which you can download and use for any kind of promotional material that you would like to do and also you can generate your own banners and Additional landing pages in a variety of fashions whether it be general you have video mobile simple there are all kinds of landing pages that you can use and they have everything already set up to where you just put your personal link in there you copied the gyro URL and you use free or paid advertising and if somebody clicks on your link Whether it be an Instagram and they click on there and they sign up under you and they start using the browser and start using Start mining with crypto tab.

You’ll get a percentage of their earnings so You may say all right. It’s not really worth the hassle. It only takes about five to five minutes to download and set up your browser and then it takes another 10 to 20 minutes to Log in to a ads create a campaign Send a little bit of Bitcoin over to it five or ten bucks and get yourself started earning Like I have and I’ve got $32 and as you can see, it fluctuates, it goes up and down, but it is real and I have I Have withdrawal proof. I have withdrawn here and It’s something that Not necessarily will make you rich. However It can earn a little bit of income on this side and it’s actually income that I use and I store For a long term because bitcoin if you haven’t been watching the news It’s out of its bear market and it’s into a bull market again.

So this 32 dollars today might be worth seventy dollars At the end of the year and at the end of next year, who knows maybe it’s worth a thousand dollars Nobody really knows because it could be Worth ten dollars two years from now or it could be worth a thousand dollars But the way things are looking is that bitcoin is up and it’s going to continue to go up over the next 24 to 36 months. So I take everything I earn from crypto tab and this particular site and I store it in a Wallet, so you’re saying I don’t really want to spend my my own hard-earned money and advertised for this I it’s gonna work. Well I use a couple sites And I’ll link them in the description down below that I used as Bitcoin faucets and I use these faucets to earn me some Bitcoin that I can use to advertise for it’s a compounding that I can advertise for crypto tab so What is a faucet a faucet is somewhere is a website once you set up your account? Where you can come in and there’s different ways for you to earn Bitcoin in this particular site called coin tip ly you can earn coins in a variety of fashions that translates into Bitcoin that you can withdraw to wherever you want your wallet to crypto tab to wherever you so choose and You can advertise use this Bitcoin to advertise.

So Let me show you I currently am sitting on a hundred and fifty three thousand coins Which roughly translates to fifteen dollars and 33 cents? Which translates to about point zero zero one two Bitcoin? So what I’m doing is is I’m coming in here and there’s lots of different ways on coin typically I’ll make another video about it. It really is my number one way to earn a little extra bit Bitcoin so that I can for free that I can send it to Advertising sites and I’m going to start compounding and building up my referral base for crypto tab so what you can come in here is is every hour you can come in and Hit this faucet And I’m going to hit it right now And we got to do a quick CAPTCHA And then submit captcha and roll And it generates a random number this random number correlates to how many coins you’re going to get and it shows you on The side here I rolled 56,000 and I fell into the top number one tier and I got twenty coins So there are lots of different ways to earn coins on this site Right now my multiplier is for one point for two so I got 20 coins and I also have a multiplier down at the bottom and they Give you a bonus for your loyalty.

So if you come in and make at least one claim a day as You can see I’ve been making claims at least one a day some days 3 Some days 7 some days 6 some days 3 so some days. I’m and here I just made it I got one claim as long as you get one claim per day you build up your loyalty bonus up to 100% so then once you reach a hundred percent you Can get double your roll. So when you roll and you get twenty coins, you’ll get 40 coins So that’s just one way that you can earn on coin tip li you can also watch videos You can do at advertising Surveys, you can also do a multiplier which I wouldn’t recommend. It’s kind of gambling You got to pick a couple Icons and it’s guessing and you’re probably gonna lose I tried it and I lost so I stopped playing it pay paid to click ads games and then the big one just like crypto tab if you have a little bit of advertising or some marketing in your background and you can show like I’m showing you how to earn free Bitcoin through this website Referrals the referrals are the biggest way to earn on here I currently have no referrals, but this was going to change because I’m going to be advertising using some of the free money that I’ve earned up here and I’m gonna start building my referral base here and I’ll show you a lot of these sites you can earn 25% of all of your referral Fawcett claims for or life So if you get a couple hundred people to sign up underneath you and they stay Consistent and they come in here and they they hit the faucet You can actually earn 25% of their referrals for life and you’ll also get 10% of any of their offer wall or surveys that they take So if one person does that tenth gets 10,000 coins you will get 10% or a thousand of their coins a thousand coins Equals one dollar Catch my drift so There is a lot of power in these faucets.

I also am I’m gonna make another video. I’m also using another site called moon Bitcoin Which you can hit a faucet, which I’ll hit right now. It’ll open up another window Which will be a paid advertisement Don’t mind any of these advertisements. That’s how these sites are able to pay you in Satoshi in Bitcoin is people pay to put these advertising banners on the side and Hopefully they hope people that click on them and go and use their these are all referral links and People hope that they sign up under their referral link for whatever these programs are Just like coin tip Lee moon.

Bitcoin is exactly the same it has a referral program and you can earn a lot of Satoshi a Percentage of what other people are claiming so I’m gonna claim this right now. It’ll give you a little reCAPTCHA so I’m gonna hit this and Do this recapture real quick? And as long as you hit it once a day You’ll continue getting your bonus and I’ll show you the bonus in a second So as you can see, I’m down back down to zero my clock started over again, and you can claim at least Every five minutes you can claim it Now five Satoshi or whatever.

This is, let’s see I got 16 Satoshi that last one because I claimed a I have a hundred day or hundred percent daily loyalty bonus I don’t have any referrals yet, but that’s going to change and I have zero of an offer bonus, which they have surveys that you can take That will help bump up your offer bonus and then a random 1 to 100 percent mystery bonus so off of that I got 16 Satoshi which today? I don’t even think it’s one penny.

So you’re saying alright So what’s the point? I’m not why am I gonna waste two minutes of my life? collecting these Satoshi and Then Going to send it over to crypto tab Now let me explain this it starts off really really slow. You can see I have 30,000 Satoshi up here. It starts off really really slow but it builds and it compounds over time I just use each of these little sites. This might be three or four dollars right now I take these sites and then I combine them and I send them over to crypto tab I use them for advertising so that I can build up my referral base there was somebody else on YouTube that I saw doing this and using this strategy they were able to get their referrals up over 200,000 so they were earning a lot of money Per month that they were just taking an in Bitcoin and sending it back to their wallet and then they’re just probably hanging on to it like most people are right now as the price of Bitcoin goes Oh So I’m going to be making a lot more videos in the future some of it will be Some side hustles ways that I’m spending a little bit of time Now to earn a little bit of money down the road.

It’s not a lot of effort. You just have to get the ball rolling I’m going to be making a lot more videos coming in the future. So if you guys want to Hit the subscribe button hit the bell and I’ll show you what I’m doing to earn a little bit of money online in addition to The affiliate marketing that I do which is another source of income a side hustle that I have that earns me Money in addition to my primary job.

I have a real job I don’t just sit around on my computer all day long playing on crypto tab so I’ll show you. I’m currently if you guys would like I have a Instagram page it’s called future affiliate Pro It’s a page that I started a month or two ago And I make all original content and it has to do with affiliate marketing strategies and entrepreneurial strategies and Building a business online. And so if you guys want or if you guys are interested in affiliate marketing or building an online business Then I invite you guys to come over to my Instagram page subscribe Leave comments have a dialog.

I respond to pretty much everybody on all of my posts or I try to and I post videos and all that good stuff so if you guys are interested pop on over I’ll leave a link to my Instagram page below as well and Soot coming up soon. I’m gonna show you my Affiliate marketing strategy that I’m using the sites that I’m using like jvzoo Clickbank to promote digital products and Earning commissions off of them. So I thank you guys, if you guys made it to the end of this video awesome, I Love you guys, and I’m going to be having a lot more videos coming out in the future peace.

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